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Fans Of Smaller Clubs Attacking Celtic Fans Just Don’t Get It

There has been a lot of critical reaction of the Celtic celebrations in Dingwall on Saturday afternoon after German debutant Moritz Jenz headered in an 84th minute winner against Ross County.

I noticed in the second half of last season, apart from our rivals across the city, it was Hearts fans in particular that seemed to be having a pop at Celtic supporters for celebrating and being happy to win games and be top of the league and of course ultimately win back our Premiership title.

We all know which side of the divide they favour, and much like the senior version of themselves, I think they genuinely believed that we would be in a complete mess for the rest of that season, and probably for a couple more seasons, so to see us turn it around and win the double, they were simply enraged by it.

And that rage and loathing has carried over in to this season it seems, as yet again, fans of smaller clubs and predominantly Hearts fans, like that dork Ewen Murray from The Guardian, seem to be in uproar because we had the sheer audacity to celebrate that late winner in Dingwall so passionately.

Apparently, the reason is, our budget is far bigger than teams like Ross County, so we should not be allowed to celebrate wins against them.

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life?

The two Glasgow clubs have always enjoyed a bigger budget, so why is it only a problem now that we are celebrating?

Well, firstly, again, they thought we had blown it and were going to drop points and to see us come back and win that game to remain top of the league, yet again enraged them.

But what they don’t understand is that we aren’t solely celebrating the win against Ross County, which they seem to be trying to put into isolation, we are celebrating that we are taking away another three vital points and remaining top of the league.

The simply cannot comprehend the sheer joy and also relief that comes from a late winner like that.

They don’t understand that most of our supporters in the ground that day were also thinking we’d blown it. That we had already dropped points so early into the season and that we were working out in our heads how we were going to make up those lost points and try to get top again.

Then all of a sudden, goal! Euphoria. All that worry about dropping points and dropping into 2nd place behind our most bitter rivals – gone. We’ve pulled it out the bag with six minutes to go.


So my advice to Hearts fans and others like you is do not criticise what you simply do not understand.

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