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Celtic Legend Hartson Puts Surprising Price Tag On Jota

Celtic Legend John Hartson was speaking on Go Radio yesterday where he was asked to put a price tag on Portuguese sensation Jota.

Hartson has been in the media recently after he said he was misquoted saying that Matt O’Riley was worth £50m, when in actual fact he said the Danish Under 21 international was worth around £20m as he clarified again on this show.

And here is what the big Welshman had to say on Jota, as he was asked by the host how much the winger is worth at the moment:

Host: How much today is Jota worth? What’s the 9th August assessment of the former Benfica player?

Hartson: Well they wouldn’t sell him, but if they were to sell him tomorrow, they’d get double what they paid for him.

Host: Right, so that’s £12m.

Hartson: And obviously, he’s gonna improve. He’s absolutely ripping it up at the minute, you know, involved in all three goals for Celtic at the weekend. He can score, he can assist, he can take players on, he can go round the outside, he can cut inside, he can shoot from 30 yards, he can put it on somebody’s head, you know, from wide. He’s the full package right now.

I love big John, but let’s remember who just went for close to £20m to Ajax recently from across the city, and Jota is a far better player than him.

I can only imagine how Benfica fans feel after Celtic robbed them getting Jota for so cheap, but if Celtic sold him tomorrow for £12m, I think I’d be sick!

And also to say that O’Riley is worth £20m right now but Jota is only worth £12m, I think that is way wide of the mark and as much as I love big bad John, he’s missed badly on this assessment.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    Absolutely agree with you on this one. The big man is way off on the valuation. £40m – £50m would be my starting figure, and he’s worth every penny.


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