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Revealed: Celtic Account Shows How New SPFL Sky Deal Compares To Similar Nations

The SPFL is on the verge of extending its deal with Sky Sports until 2029, meaning the broadcaster would be entitled to show up to 60 Scottish Premiership matches a season for the sum of £29.5m.

The existing Sky Sports deal with the SPFL, which allows a maximum of 48 games a season, is due to expire in 2025.

Under the new terms, Sky will continue with that limit this season and also next season at a cost of £25.7m and £26.7m respectively.

From the 2024-25 season the 60-match limit triggers a £27.6m payment which will rise by nearly £2m for the next four seasons.

Sky Sports will also have the option of a further 10-match SPFL bundles at the cost of around £4m from 2024/25.

Also on the table for Scottish clubs as an added incentive is the possibility of selling up to five of their home matches each season on Pay Per View, but only if that match has not been chosen for live Sky Sports broadcast and does not – pending special dispensation – fall in the UK blackout window between 2.45pm and 5.15pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Chump change really, considering the English Premier League most recently signed a £5.1bn deal, which is sickening when you look at the difference compared to what we get in this country.

But how does the new Scottish TV deal compare to other leagues and nations similar to Scotland?

Well, 20 Minute Tims have provided a comparison, and it is fair to say the Scottish game is being massively undersold.

Take a look a the shocking tweet below.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    And there are many reasons, but for that reason alone, Doncaster has to go. Celebrating and puffing out his chest like the big “I am”, where in fact we’re more like Oliver Twist standing with our hand out begging for more. Scottish people love our football and the people going through gates are proof of that. It’s time we got someone in who has the balls and his negotiating skills so that our football duly gets what it’s worth.


  2. John mcghee

    Doncaster let mr parks of liebrox threating him at the coward Doncaster done nothing about it just like the covid rules 9 times sevco broke it and guess what swept under masonic hampden yet again.SCOTISH FOOTBALL IS CORRUPT FOR 1 NEW CLUB SEVCO.

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