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“I Think The Sun’s Gone To Your Head!” – Listen As Celtic Fan Frank Pulls Up Keevins For Ridiculous Rant

Hugh Keevins simply couldn’t just have a go at Dundee Utd tonight after their 7-0 thrashing at the hands of AZ Alkmaar last night.

Instead, he had to go on long winded rant to include a negative view on Celtic, and of course praise our rivals from across the city to the hilt.

He lumped Celtic in with Dundee Utd and Motherwell, calling us “European also-rans”, and mocked out defeats to Midtjylland and Bodo Glimt and stating:

“We are, Rangers apart, a European irrelevance.”

Just a totally ignorant thing do say that reeks of hatred for our club.

You know it was out of order when Kenny Miller has to pipe up to defend Celtic and remind Hugh that Celtic beat Lazio home and away and RB Leipzig previously before we fell apart the the season before last under Lennon.

I made the comments on Twitter at the time of the show, reminding Keevins that Celtic actually finished on more points than Rangers did in their group, and in a much harder group than they had, so we were unlucky not to go through.

I did admit we were poor against Bodo, but let’s not forget Bodo destroyed Roma 6-1, and Roma went on to win the Conference League, so it just shows what a good side Bodo were.

And Hugh mockingly talked about Bodo being from ‘the artic circle’ as if that somehow means they’re rubbish, yet I didn’t hear him making any jokes about his beloved side getting beat by Malmo last season…

Let’s not forget the whole reason they ended up in the Europa League was failure to get past a team currently sitting 6th place in the Swedish league.

Celtic had practically a brand new starting eleven, a new manager and a new style of play last season, yet we still beat AZ Alkmaar, Real Betis and Ferencvaros home and away while giving Bayer Leverkusen all they could handle in a 4-3 defeat on their own turf.

And again this 3 European competition nonsense keeps getting mentioned. I mean unless we went all the way and won the Conference League then we were always going to get knocked out of it at some stage, just like every single other team that entered the tournament that didn’t ultimately win it.

Would Hugh have thought it to be more successful if Celtic came last in our Europa League group? That of course would only be two competitions in his mind that we ‘got knocked out of’.

The way idiots like Hugh go on it’s as if Celtic are the only team this has ever happened too and ever will. saying ‘it wasn’t a good look for Celtic’, well Hugh, last year was the first season of the Conference League and it is going to be continuing each season, are and there will be many, many more teams that eventually get knocked out of that competition after not making it through the Champions League qualifiers.

But no, Hugh would rather indulge his hatred for out club and make it look like the worst thing in the world.


I’m glad Frank called in and spoke some truth which had old Shug back peddling and changing his tune.

Check out the his opening rant and then Frank’s call below.

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