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Why Celtic Won’t Be Counting On Kieran Tierney Windfall

Reports have emerged once again that Pep Guardiola and Man City are apparently interested in signing former Celtic left back Kieran Tierney from Arsenal during this transfer window.

The quoted sum is £50m, as City look towards an alternative after missing out on the signing of Brighton’s Marc Cucurella, who has instead headed to Chelsea.

Of course, the usual reports are flying about on fan site and in the SMSM that Celtic will be looking forward to the ‘windfall’ that they will receive, due to the sell-on clause inserted in the deal taking him from Celtic to Arsenal in the £25m deal.

As much as fans and the media are getting excited about another multi-million pound sum heading our way, the Celtic board won’t be batting an eyelid.

Why? Because this story comes out every single transfer window without fail.

Ever since Tierney went to Arsenal he has been linked with a move to Manchester City and it hasn’t happened.

The most recent one was that Real Madrid were looking to sing him, and then after that didn’t happen he’s linked with Man City again.

And it’s not just Tierney, it’s the exact same with Moussa Dembele.

Every single window without fail he is linked with a big money move away to Manchester United or someone else and the stories appear about the windfall that Celtic are going to receive.

It’s all nonsense until it actually happens, and so far I believe it has only every happened once to date where Celtic received a significant amount of money by way of a sell-on clause and that was Virgil Van Dijk’s move to Liverpool four years ago.

If it happens again with the likes of Tierney or Dembele then great, but the Celtic board won’t be holding their breathe.

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