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Our Rivals Baying For Celtic Players To Be Seriously Injured Today Shows How Much We Terrify Them

I’ve had a look on their Celtic vs Killie match thread after our game today and a few things stood out to me.

Before kick off some of them were saying we would drop points today, that it will be a tough match in boiling hot conditions on a sticky astro turf pitch.

They were of course right about the conditions and the pitch. The pitch especially made things difficult at times, but we still won very comfortably 5-0 and overall played very well.

Yet there were loads of comments that we aren’t very good and that 90% of our play has been poor, yet they conceded before kick-off they knew it was going to be a difficult pitch to play on in these conditions, but instead of taking that into consideration, they would rather just make out that we aren’t very good.

I honestly don’t know what this mob try to achieve by kidding themselves on like this, I really don’t.

And the lies they were telling themselves and each other didn’t stop there, next it was multiple posts to say we are rubbish at the back and our defence is apparently ‘begging to be ripped apart’.

Are this lot so utterly stupid that they have not learned a single thing from saying the exact same thing last season and been proven wrong, when Celtic finished the season with the best defensive record in the league?

Do these lies comfort them in some way? Surely it only makes it harder when they ultimately fail again?

The third and final lie I will mention here is that our bench was apparently ‘threadbare’ today!

I actually burst out laughing when I read this, considering two of our substitutes scored two of our five goals today and in all honestly we had a strong bench.

Again, it just seems a really weird thing to lie about, especially when at the start of last season that was definitely true, but we now have ridiculous strength in depth, where the majority of players who are on the bench in our games this season could have started the match and we would be just as strong.

But apart from all the lies they kept telling themselves about how rubbish and weak we are, there was one truth that many of them let slip unintentionally.

They are terrified of us.

The amount of posts I saw baying for our players to do their cruciate ligaments, to rip their hamstrings, to get maimed by the likes of Lafferty and the rest of their dud players, it really was shocking.

But it revealed what they really believe about us, it revealed that they know we are stronger than them.

Despite all the comfort likes they tried to tell each other their true feelings slipped out.

If we are so terrible, if our defence is so shaky, if our squad is so threadbare, if we aren’t a good side, then why are they so utterly desperate for our players to get injured?

Because they know fine well it is the only chance they have of stopping us this season.

But they have to remember how depleted we actually were in the first half of last season and how many bad injuries we suffered and STILL WON THE LEAGUE.

They can pray and hope for hamstring’s to snap and cruciate’s to tear all they want, but it’s going to take a lot more than a few injuries to stop us this season.

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