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Ibrox Could Face “Partial Or Full Stadium Closure”

Celtic fans will all be in agreement that it is about time that the anti Irish and anti Catholic racism/sectarianism was addressed at Ibrox.

We have to hear their vile and disgusting songs on a consistent basis, the Police Scotland, the SFA and UEFA the vast majority of the time turning a blind eye to it.

They of course have a history of picking up fines, but only once in recent memory have they actually had a partial closure, with 3000 seats ordered to be closed off during their Europa League play-off against Legia Warsaw in 2019, after their supporters were found guilty of ‘racist behaviour’.

However, despite racist and sectarian signing at pretty much every single home match since them, bizarrely, no further punishments have been handed out in terms of further closures.

That could all change after tonight though, as the group Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), will be in attendance tonight for the Champions League Play-Off match against PSV.

It has been reported by official Ibrox media partners that if there is any documented evidence of racism/sectarianism, then they are in line to receive a ‘partial or full stadium closure’.

Of course, instead of having a goof look in the mirror, their supporters have turned to attacking the organisation and are pretending to be victimised by them, with one of their main media partner’s calling the group fighting against racism ‘vile’.

They are warning their fellow supporters not to sing from their usual song sheet tonight, but of course with 50k of them in attendance, it will most likely be too difficult for all of them to contain their hatred and bile.

They have even indicated where the group are going to be sitting, to make sure those around them will be on their best behaviour.

But that just shows that the Ibrox club have ZERO intention of tackling racism/sectarianism amongst the majority of their support, they are only interested in making sure they don’t get in trouble for it.

Check out the tweets below.

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  1. Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry

    In terms of “turning a blind eye” perhaps you have missed out the Press! ie Daily Record,Radio Clyde, BBC Scotland etc. etc. who all regularly describe the atmosphere (bile) at Ibrox as “Magnificent”

  2. Marky

    You just know the “beast supporters in the world ” won’t be able to contain themselves!

  3. Allaboutceltic

    Like you say, they’ve no problems and certainly condone the racism. The only thing that they’re concerned about is getting caught.

    Another goal or two for PSV should be enough to get the red mist flowing and the song book getting belted at full pelt.


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