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Our Rivals Bleating For Favours Celtic Have Never Gotten Is Truly Pathetic

Ally McCoist was on Talksport recently complaining that the SFA should be postponing Rangers’ trip to Easter Road this weekend in order to help them qualify for the Champions League.

And he was at it yet again last night, bleating live on BT Sport after the game, giving the interviewer puppy dog eyes, almost on the verge of tears as he again pleaded with the authorities to give his side a helping hand.

Well, firstly, it has nothing to do with the SFA, it would be the SPFL that deals with that sort of thing, but it was honestly embarrassing how pathetic he looked last night.

I have looked for videos on the BT Twitter feed and Youtube page, but it seems even they were too embarrassed by McCoist’s amateur dramatics, as the clip is nowhere to be seen.

Even Kenny Miller couldn’t hide his snigger as he stood beside him!

McCoist was one of the ones demanding help from the authorities before the Europa League final and here he is at it again.

Where the hell was he when Celtic had qualifiers for all these years?

He claims it’s for the good of Scottish football, yet he didn’t care about ‘the good of Scottish football’ when Celtic were the team facing crunch Champions League qualifiers, he only starts being concerned about ‘the good of Scottish football’ when it’s Rangers who are trying to qualify!

Even Kris Boyd of all people has come out and said asking for the Hibs game to be postponed is ‘idiotic’.

When that eejit is the voice of reason, that should tell you something!

As the ex players were saying on Clyde for the last week or so, postponing fixtures at this early stage of the season, when players are trying to get match sharp and gel together, is the absolute last thing that you want to do.

It’s only really McCoist that I am hearing publicly, but make no mistake, if they crash out over in Eindhoven, expect to hear a lot more of this from others, how poor Rangers are the victim and the Scottish authorities are against them and don’t want them to succeed.

Their fans will all be saying it too, because they can never admit that they simply aren’t good enough, they always have to come up with some mad conspiracy as to why they have lost.

It is always the same with that lot, and they’ll never change.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    You’re spot on again. He is the only one who’s demanding a wee holiday. Even the kkklub aren’t asking for one!!

    They’d be as well not showing up next week in Eindhoven, as they’re already as good as out, and I for one can’t wait to hear the outcry🥳


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