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Trusted Celtic Accounts Reveal True Haksabanovic Fee

It looks like a deal for Montenegro international winger Sead Haksabanovic is edging closer, after multiple reports have come out to confirm a deal has been reach with Rubin Khazan to take the player to Celtic Park.

All these reports keep mentioning is that a fee has been agreed between both clubs, and it is less than the 6.5m euros that Khazan paid for the player originally.

Even the Scottish press haven’t confirmed what the accurate fee is yet, but two trusted Celtic accounts have tonight given us a real indicator of what the actual fee is likely to be.

LubosEleven on Twitter has state the fee is 4m euros, which works out roughly to be £3.38m on current exchange rates according to Google.

Pendy12 on Kerrydale Street has also weighed in on the potential signing, quoting a £3.5m figure, which is of course pretty much the same figure, that would be 4.14m euros.

Both accounts are very trusted Celtic accounts, and is definitely better than the current info from the SMSM, as ‘less than 6.5m euros’ could be anything!

Haksabanovic looks a very exciting player who can play in multiple different positions and it will be interesting to see if Ange makes any comment on the player as I’m sure he’ll be asked about him at his pre-match press conference tomorrow.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    I’ve also read a lot of stories on a few Celtic blogs/forums suggesting that he’s being brought in as someone is about to get sold. Personally, I think this is a load of sh1t and he’s getting brought in to add strength and depth. Cast your memories back to December last year when we were running on fumes because we had the same players playing every game and with the same intensity. Granted we brought in good players in January, but if you want to get that much intensity for 90 minutes, then you need to have a strong group of players who can work on rotations and be ready to get called up anytime. As everyone in that team knows, it’s not about the individual, it’s all about the team. This guy can play in a couple of positions, so if Ange thinks he can add resilience and be a solid team player, then that’s good enough for me.


  2. Mr Vincent McSherry mcsherry

    hear hear and hail hail

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