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As Celtic Sweep Aside Another Team, Yet Another Manager Cries Conspiracy

It seems that a lot of managers in the Scottish Premiership really can’t handle it when Celtic beat their team.

If it isn’t Derek McInnes, it is David Martindale and if it isn’t Martindale then it is Malky MacKay.

Jim Goodwin seems to have been the only one so far with any dignity who actually praised Celtic and didn’t claim that the referee was against his Aberdeen side.

Robbie Nielson surprise surprise was at it again in his post match interviews today after Celtic’s comfortably 2-0 victory at Celtic Park this afternoon.

He claims that his side could have got something from the game against us if it wasn’t for the officials.

This is, despite his side having a total of ZERO shots on target, and only going down to 10 men on the 89th minute, and then to 9 men on the 91st minute, with both second yellow cards being clear bookings.

This is why none of the players protested them and instead simply walked off in shame with their head down.

Is it really so hard for these managers to give Celtic credit when we are due it?

Our own manager is a prime example of someone that the other managers in the league should look at as an example of how to conduct yourself professionally.

Plenty of times last season Celtic were given bad decisions that cost us goals and cost us points, yet our manager chose to say that we should have played better, took our chances, put the game out of reach of any wrong decisions while also praising the opposition.

The other managers in the Scottish Premiership need to stop their whinging and whining and concentrate on producing a better football side, rather than bleat and moan and yell conspiracy because Celtic have been too good for them on the day.

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