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Kris Boyd’s Anti Celtic Assessment Looking More And More Foolish By The Day

It is quite clear to everyone with a pair of eyes and who watches Scottish football that Celtic’s Portuguese winger Jota is the best player in the league right now.

He already has five goal contributions in four Scottish Premiership games so far this season, with three assists and scoring two screamers.

The debate has been had over the past couple of weeks on Sky Sports, with every pundit acknowledging that Jota is the best in the business right now.

Everyone apart from Kris Boyd that is.

The guy is a poor analyst and biased at the best of times, but he has taken it to a whole new level recently.

His ‘analysis’ of the penalty incidents during the Hibs v Rangers game at Easter Road was appallingly biased towards his former side.

But getting back to the best player debate, Boyd refusing to admit Jota is the best simply because he plays for Celtic, and instead insisting that the pre-diabetic Colombian Alfredo Morelos is the best in the country, is totally laughable.

Since he made that statement, Morelos was benched against PSV at Ibrox and wasn’t even brought on as a sub, he was then benched again for the Hibs game, only to come on for a disastrous 13 minute spell in the second half where he deliberately got himself sent off at the third time of trying.

And now today, it has been revealed that the overweight Colombian has been kicked out of Rangers Champions League squad to play PSV in the crucial play off tie in Eindhoven tomorrow night.

Van Bronckhorst has stated that Morelos’ fitness, attitude and commitment to the team is the reason why he has been booted out the squad, with his senior fellow teammates agreeing with the manager that they don’t want him anywhere near them.

Talks regarding a new deal have been put on hold and it looks like Morelos will be pushed out the door, while Rangers will be hoping to get whatever small amount they can get for him in this window.

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  1. Dovjt

    He must be the cheapest option for sky tv ,more to be laughed at than taken seriously

  2. Allaboutceltic

    Remember Celtic supported Griffiths throughout his mental health problems, only for him to show his commitment by showing up 1st overweight. That was the beginning of the end for Griffiths and he scored over 120 goals for us. I honestly believe that this is also the beginning of the end for the fat Columbian. I said before the season kicked off that I don’t think we’ll see the fat Columbian this year. I was surprised when I seen him getting on the bench, but it all made sense when I saw the size of him. He needs to lose 2st and that will take him till the end of October at best. Ain’t gonna happen. *theRanjurs will be offloading him soon enough for £1m – £2m just to get him off the books. Dembele dollars, my arse. Would be sorry to see him go, as he’s as good as a man short on the park.


    1. John mcghee

      Kris ratbag boyd is just a fat zombie ugly turkey teeth scumhun B…… who should never be on sky but thank god i stopped paying for sky because its always deadco players thats on it and its lies after lie that come out there arse pure utter shite they talk they cant gat over their first club dying 1872 liquidated 2012 thats why these clowns are on sky they cant except the truth and we will not let them forget that the real ranjurs died while cheating every other club in Scottish football the corrupt sfa.spfl made up some new rule 5way agreement which no one has seen barr they corrupt scum at hampden rats and masonic rats at that.

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