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Celtic Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Don Robertson’s Ibrox Decision

I didn’t watch their game today as I was out and about and enjoying the sun, but through checking the result on livescore late this afternoon, it looked like it was a convincing 4-0 win for the Ibrox side.

And then I opened up Twitter and could see that the home side didn’t quite have it all their own way, especially early doors, and that they were saved from going down to ten men by referee Don Robertson.

I’ve seen the video and some people are saying it could very well be a straight red, as the Ross County striker would have been clean through on goal and would have arguably had a clear and obvious goal scoring opportunity.

Let’s be honest, he would have been one on one with the goalkeeper, you don’t get much better goal scoring opportunities than that, so it absolutely should have been a red card.

Even if Robertson decides only to book Sands, that would have been his second of the game and he would have been sent off, with Rangers going down to ten men with the score still tied at 0-0.

But unbelievably, disgracefully, Don Robertson decided not to apply the rules and award any card.

In fact, he thought that Sands grabbing hold of the County player and dragging him to the ground wasn’t even a foul!

Come to think of it, that is exactly what Tavernier did to the Hibs player last weekend inside the box.

I alluded to it in an article last week after Collum’s display that these referees will be the greatest threat to us reclaiming our title this season, and with decisions like that today, it only strengthens that view.

Is It corruption? Cheating? Only Don and others will know, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that he honestly did not believe Sands fouled his opponent there. It is simply too clear. You simply will not see a clearer foul than that.

Serious, serious questions need to be asked of these referees. They MUST be forced to explain their decisions.

This is another league title that guarantees the winner another £40m in Champions League qualification next season, it is simply too costly to have referees that are totally incompetent making decisions like this that could impact who that £40m guarantee goes too.

These decisions that go in favour of our rivals that are totally outrageous affect Celtic too, because of course we are in direct competition with that club for the title.

It is time the Celtic board asked serious questions of the referees in this country and the bodies in charge of them.

Take a look at the video of the foul and some of the comments below.

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