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Celtic Manager Admits Alan Brazil Comments Were ‘Disrespectful’

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou was asked to give his thoughts on the comments made by TalkSport host Alan Brazil when it was announced that the Greek/Australian was coming over from Japan to take over the reigns at Parkhead.

Brazil, breaking the news during his show with Ally McCoist asked if the announcement was ‘a wind up?’ and seemed to deliberately act like he couldn’t pronounce his name and rolled his eyes as fat Sally giggled away in the background.

Speaking on the clip to Darrell Currie and Chris Sutton on their new BT Sport podcast, Ange admitted the comments from Brazil were ‘disrespectful’.

Joking with Sutton about his pre match hug with McCoist before a match, Postecoglou said:

“The one I’m still waiting for is Alan Brazil! He’s been dodging me for a long time!”

After Sutton commented that the comments from Brazil were ‘ridiculous’, he asked the Celtic manager if it made him want to prove a point, with Ange dismissing that notion:

“Why would I want to prove a point to someone I don’t know?”

” I’m not talking about Alan here but just in general, I think we judge people too quickly and too easily and I’ve never let that bother me.”

“There are people I respect who, and obviously the people closest to me who I love and my friends and my family, if they say something about me or I’ve done something wrong then that effects me, but what other people think of me who don’t even know me, I don’t go about trying to prove people wrong.”

“It doesn’t motivate me mate”

“I’m sitting there and I’m going, ok, to be fair to Alan Brazil, even though I played against him, he came to Australia and actually tonked us 4-0, he came out to Australia, I was playing with South Melbourne, I actually played against him, he won’t remember that, so he doesn’t know who I am.”

“I’m assuming, half his job is to entertain and get people talking.”

“Do I think it’s disrespectful? Yes I do.”

“Because there’s an element of it that you think, well, hold on a sec, I wouldn’t be getting a position like this unless there is something there in my background, it wouldn’t be too hard to dig and find out exactly who I am.”

“So is it disrespectful? Yes it is. But it doesn’t bother me mate.”

It is fair to say Ange has made Brazil eat humble pie ever since those ridiculous comments, but judging by the size of him these days, maybe he like the taste a bit too much!

Check out the infamous clip below.

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