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Meltdown As ‘Rangers’ Player Asks For Celtic Shirt Swap Then Joins CCV For Dinner After 4-0 Thrashing From Hoops

Today just keeps getting better!

As many of us suspected, Celtic treated our Glasgow rivals with the contempt that they deserve as we battered them 4-0 in a complete display of dominance.

After the game, their fans instantly turned on anyone that came to mind, from the players on the field, to the manager and even individual board members!

They are taking the defeat so badly because so many of them deluded themselves into thinking that they were something special after their Europa League run last season and their narrow entry into the Champions League group stages after seeing off some Belgian minnows and a completely average PSV team.

And it now looks like a lot of them have turned their attention onto American centre back James Sands, who was the best thing since sliced bread before kick-off.

I haven’t seen any footage myself yet, but there are multiple reports from both sets of supporters that he embarrassingly asked for Jota’s shirt after the 4-0 spanking.

And to make matters worse, he has now been pictured out for dinner with fellow USA player Malik Tillman, and Celtic’s Cameron Carter-Vickers!

In fairness, it looks like the three of them were taken out by USA manager Gregg Berhalter, who was over watching the three of them play today with the World Cup coming up soon. But that is apparently no excuse for the bears!

Take a look at the reaction below.

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  1. john downes

    Billy62rfc can’t spell Durrant

  2. John Brattesani

    They did the dirty van Bronckhorst sold their only two good players and didn’t even play the best goalkeeper they have why I don’t know .but long may it last ward are the biggest load of
    Numties going so good riddance to them they bought rubbish with undertones if you don’t get the ball get the man totally insane . Well done Giovanni van Bronckhorst
    And his Merry men

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