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Reality Check For Delusional Bears As Celtic Thrash Rivals 4-0

What a result that was today for Celtic and what a performance!

But, is any Celtic supporter actually surprised by what we just witnessed?

I certainly amn’t.

There was always a good chance we could do that to them today and as I said in an article yesterday, I was more worried about the referee and how he officiated that match and whether he allowed Rangers to get away with illegal tactics to try to stop us.

I felt Nick Walsh overall had a terrific game today.

Of course you can you maybe see certain things differently or he should have booked a player when he didn’t or vice versa, no one is going to agree completely on a referee’s performance, but I feel it is only fair for me to write that I thought he handled the game superbly.

But back to us. We were 3-0 up at half time with flashbacks to the derby in February. And you know what? I don’t think we were even at our best!

We allowed them to have have more of the ball than we usually give opponents in the first half. Perhaps this was by design? I’m not sure, but it did actually seem to help us defensively as we were able to get more players organised in the box in anticipation for them crossing it in or shooting from distance.

Starfelt and Juranovic looked nervy as well with both of them making a couple of errors early on that thankfully came to nothing, and of course we lost Kyogo to injury straight away.

Giakoumakis came on and really should have put that header away in the first half, but he gave their defence a torrid time, and I feel this helped Abada get into the box for both his goals unmarked because their defence was too preoccupied by the big Greek striker.

Second half we just played with them and didn’t really push all that hard to increase the lead until it hilariously went 4-0 after their keeper passed it straight to David Turnbull. I thought for the last ten minutes that’s when we actually tried to go for more.

And for our rivals, that should be a serious wake up call for them.

All this talk of them being stronger than us, they have passed the harder tests when we have only beaten easy teams, yadda yadda.

Celtic shut them up today.

Now they are turning on the board for not strengthening and Gio for his tactics and the players for not being switched on and ready for us.

They can blame whoever they like, as long as they realise that Celtic are the superior team.

Onto Tuesday night now against Real Madrid in the Champions League, for Celtic’s first REAL TEST of the season…

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    I agree with you that I also thought Walsh had a good game. This game for me was never in any doubt. We have superior players in every position and that doesn’t deteriorate when we bring on a substitute. This will become the norm this season and we will duplicate it a further 3 times this season, and more if they’re unfortunate enough to meet us in a cup.


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