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Ibrox Fans Gush Over Celtic Wingers, Label Kent As A Sand Dancing Fraud!

After yesterday’s 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Celtic, it seems the deludamol is finally wearing off for some of the Rangers supporters!

Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge and a pair of eyes not blinded by blue tinted specs and a hatred for Celtic and our players, would tell you that both Jota and Abada are far better players than Ryan Kent.

Jota is the best player in the league.

He scores goals, gets assists and changes games and entertains the fans. He has a brilliant football brain.

Abada came to Celtic as a 19 year old last season and had a terrific debut season. He has a fantastic natural born instinct to get himself in the box and get on the end of passes and crosses to put the ball in the back of the net.

He is fast, direct and wins games and he is still only 20 years of age!

Ryan Kent doesn’t have a football brain.

That’s why he tried to skin three Celtic players deep in his own half and ended up conceding a throw in which led to Celtic’s opening goal.

He doesn’t put in good crosses, he doesn’t play wonderful through balls and he rarely ever scored goals.

He scored three goals in total last season. A truly pathetic return for a player who cost them £7m and who is valued at around £25m by them.

If you watch him play outwith our matches, he has this special move that he likes to do.

He gets the ball out wide, jinks from side to side, goes past a player or two, then blasts the ball 15 yards wide of goal.

He repeats this three of four times a match and that is your typical Ryan Kent performance in a nutshell.

God knows how it has taken this mob to realise the levels between this guy and Jota.

I think yesterday it was just saw obvious and so in their face that they simply couldn’t deny it anymore.

Check out some of the reaction below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Kent cost £7m from Liverpool and I think they’re still paying for him yet he can walk away next summer and the huns get hee haw that’s great business from the halfwits at ibrokes

    1. Allaboutceltic

      I’m fairly sure there’s a 30% – 50% sell on clause to Liverpool. Not sure if that’s on the profits or overall sale price though. I wouldn’t think Liverpool’s financiers will be getting too excited on any return. Championship football somewhere will be his next destination. Alternatively, I would not be surprised in the least if both him & the fat Colombian pulled a Goldson and came out with the “I love *theRainjurs too much to leave them”, once they realise not a single team of any note are remotely interested in signing them, even on a free. Leeds are not interested. Never have been. It was only Bielsa who liked him and he’s gone, and so has any chance of a move there. His “kick & trip” trick in the box has been noted by his opponents and referees, so has nothing left to give.


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