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Ferguson ‘Standing By’ Pre-Match Celtic Comments Makes Him Look Even More Foolish

If there was every a time for Barry Ferguson to hold his hands up and admit that he was wrong to say that Giovanni Van Bronckhorst has Celtic and Ange Postecoglou ‘sussed’ and has multiple ways of beating us, it was in his newspaper column this morning.

But no, wee Barry isn’t big enough to admit he was wrong.

He claims that:

“Gio knew exactly how Celtic were going to go about their business on Saturday. And he knew how to set up his team to play against it.”

Firstly, he clearly doesn’t know how to set up against us. That’s why so many Rangers fans are furious with his tactics against us and want him out the door.

Talk about individual mistakes and switching off all you like, but his team were thrashed 4-0 and despite having more possession than Celtic, only created one decent chance all game.

So clearly, the set up, the team selection, the tactics were all wrong.

Secondly, of course he knew the way we were going to ‘go about our business’. Everyone in Scottish football knows the way Celtic play on a basic level. Ange is very open about his style of play and attacking, relentless intent that he likes his team to play with.

Every single manager in the Scottish Premiership knows this. Does that mean they also all have Ange ‘sussed?’

It’s just another ridiculous comment from Ferguson.

But the astonishing thing is, a couple of paragraphs later, he then says this:

“But the thing I can’t get my head around is how they somehow seemed to catch Rangers completely by surprise on Saturday – as if they didn’t know what to expect.”

Which just contradicts everything he just said previously.

Barry – Instead of making out you were right and then going on to contradict yourself, have some self respect admit you got it wrong.

Hold your hands up and take your humble pie like a man.

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  1. John mcghee

    Barry ebt cheat ferguson cant tell the truth just like the 50 thousand that go to watch the newco they really think that its oldco they’re watching they cant tell the truth about 2012 rfc liquidated.haha

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