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Our Rivals Believing That The Celtic Manager Will Be Departing For The EPL Soon Are Very, Very Wrong

It was all fun and games when Ange Postecoglou was appointed as the Celtic manager last summer after Eddie Howe bottled out of taking the job after stringing the club along for months.

The Rangers fans were in stitches that we had appointed some Aussie ‘dud’ from Japan.

He was supposed to be sacked by Halloween, then sacked by Christmas.

They are then left shocked and horrified when that same Aussie dud goes on to win the league title and league cup, and then starts the very next season winning every game that comes our way and obliterating their team in the first derby of the season.

Ans now that very same manager that they ridiculed, laughed at, mocked, and labelled as a dud, they are desperate that he leaves Celtic because he has wiped the floor with their club and they want the beatings and humiliation to stop.

They are begging for mercy, and they believe that the lure of the English Premier League will save them from the back hand of Big Ange.

They couldn’t be any more wrong.

They think when Leicester sack Rodgers or Villa sack Gerrard, or one of the other clubs in poor form will look at what Ange is doing at Celtic and they will get our manager to go down South as it will be too tempting for him to turn down.

They just don’t get it.

This is a man of character, of substance, of class, who absolutely adores what he has at Celtic and working at one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

He is living his dream right now. He has always wanted to come to Europe to manage a big club and get the respect and adulation that he deserves for his brand of football. He has dreamed of managing in the Champions League, to manage in a country where the people are just as passionate about the game as he is.

He has all he could ever wish for here in Glasgow at Celtic.

This isn’t a Brendan Rodgers or a Steven Gerrard who’s sole intention of coming to Glasgow is to use the club as a stepping stone.

Ange has said himself he will be here until he gets a tap on the shoulder and is told that his time is up.

And sadly for our rivals, Big Ange is only just getting started here.

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  1. Frankie

    He should be rewarded with a lucrative contract after the corner he got our board out of last season by winning the league.

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