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Failed Manager Ally McCoist Gives Celtic Manager Advice For Real Madrid Clash

Yes, you read that headline correctly!

Failed manager and gardening expert turned football pundit, Ally McCoist, believes that Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou must change his style when playing Real Madrid at Celtic Park in the Champions League tonight.

This morning on Talksport, the Record have quoted McCoist as saying the following:

“I do (think they need to change). It’s very admirable of big Ange and Matt O’Riley saying ‘we don’t change for anybody’. However, when you are playing the holders and one of the best teams in the world, if you think your own game – particularly at home – is good enough to beat them, by all means go ahead and do that.”

He added: “However, surely, surely, you’re going to realise and accept and understand that they are a completely different animal to anything you would play domestically.”

Ahh, so Ally thinks that if Ange tells the players to play a completely different way to what we have played for the last 16 months or so now, a style that we have never played before, he thinks that will bring us more success, than the actual style that we play game in and game out, that has won us the league title, gotten us back into the Champions League for the first time in years, and sitting top of the Scottish Premiership table after thrashing our closest rivals 4-0 at the weekend?

How the hell does that make sense Ally?

Sure, we might get beat, we might even get a good doing, but what’s to say that wouldn’t happen, or possibly worse, if we sat back and went defensive and let Real Madrid do what they like to us and just hope they don’t take their chances?

It’s just stupid beyond belief.

Don’t worry Ally, Ange does not need your advice, and I can guarantee you that he doesn’t want it either.

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  1. Frankie

    Hard neck a failed manager stick to gardening

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