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Our Rivals Are Bitter As Even In Defeat, Celtic Are Being Lauded All Over Europe

The beauty of playing in the Champions League, and European football in general, is that Celtic are displayed on a much larger scale and to a much larger audience than we typically would be playing domestically in Scotland.

We have to listen to biased pundits and anti-Celtic journalists who try to scramble reality and tell us everything through blue tinted specs.

So it was nice to see last night all the big BT Sports pundits give us praise, the big Spanish journalists that were over for the game and the rest of the foreign media who have been praising Celtic’s performance against Real Madrid last night.

We went toe-to-toe with the best team on the planet for just under an hour, and the best compliment that can be paid to Celtic is that if a neutral was watching that period of the game and didn’t know either club, they wouldn’t be able to tell you which one was a team full of superstars costing hundreds of millions and which one had just been knocked out of the Conference League by Bodo Glimt 6 months ago.

Rangers fans and the rest of Scottish football all wanted and expected us to be humiliated last night.

They wanted us to get ripped apart, gubbed, 6,7,8-0 and be the laughing stock of Europe.

Instead, Celtic are being praised all over, Ange Postecoglou is being praised all over and the Celtic supporters are proud of our team and showed that last night by giving the players a standing ovation and singing Ange Postecoglou’s name long into the night.

Despite defeat to the best on the planet, Celtic restored their pride on the European stage, the biggest of them all, the UEFA Champions League, and our rivals are absolutely seething about it.

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