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Real Madid Star Admits: “We Had To Slow Celtic Down To Survive!”

Real Madrid Legend Toni Kroos admits that his side had to simply SURVIVE the initial onslaught from Celtic tonight, as the Spanish side ran out eventual 3-0 winners after a toe-to-toe first half battle.

“I think that was the perfect result” said Kroos after the match.

“I think everybody saw that it was a complicated game, especially at the beginning, but to be honest, that was what we expected.”

“We were prepared that we had to suffer a bit at the beginning.”

“Of course, it is difficult to play with that intensity that they did for the whole 90 minutes.”

!I think after 20-25 minutes we got control of the game and we got them running a bit more and later the opportunities came.”

Kroos then admitted that “it was our plan” to slow the game down and take the pace out of the match and to try to quieten the Celtic Park crowd.

“As I said before, we were expecting that they come out with this amazing atmosphere, even for us to be honest, it’s great!”

Kroos admitted that he ‘definitely’ enjoyed that atmosphere.

“Yeah, because they are not negative to their rival, they are just supporting their team and yeah, the atmosphere was crazy!”

“Of course, we knew we had to calm down the crowd a bit as the team attacked from the first minute on.”

“We had to more or less survive the first 20-25 minutes, knowing that the game will calm down a bit, and that’s what we wanted.”

Celtic supporters all over are proud of the team’s performance tonight, and when you have a multiple European Cup winner in Kroos admitting that the mighty Real Madrid just had to SURVIVE the early onslaught from Celtic, it really is great to hear and just shows how far we have come under Ange.

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