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Video Shows Difference In Character Between Gio And Celtic Manager Postecoglou

I noticed myself after ‘Rangers’ were absolutely destroyed and humiliated in yet another 4-0 thrashing tonight, this time at the hands of an average Ajax side that have sold all their best players, that there was a huge difference between Giovanni Van Bronkhorst and Ange Postecoglou.

Celtic went toe-to-toe with the European Champions last night and matched them for just under an hour, before unfortunately, our team tired physically and mentally and Madrid’s class and experience shone through and they were able to come away with the win.

After the match, our manger was bitterly disappointed that we did not win the game.

Yes, despite the enormous difference in firepower, wealth and experience between the two teams, Ange still wants his Celtic team to go out there and compete with the very best in Europe and beat them.

The man is a winner, pure and simple and isn’t interested in making excuses, even though it would be absolutely acceptable to point out the difference in level in every way he could think of.

Yet, compare that to Gio’s post match interview after the Ajax thumping, he claims it is impossible for his side to compete at all in the competition, because he needs ‘hundreds of millions’ in order to be able to compete with the likes of Ajax.

To me, it just shows the difference in character between the two managers, and it seems like a lot of people on Twitter saw it the same way, even some Rangers fans were agreeing!

Check out the video below.

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