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Celtic Have Given Our Rivals Hope When They Had None

That is the most frustrating part of that result today.

The performance was shocking. The worst I have seen domestically in a very long time, and overall the worst I can remember since the Bodo games.

We were outfought and St Mirren wanted it more than us.

We looked like eleven individuals rather than the superb team we have shown to be over the last year and especially since the start of this season where domestically we have been destroying teams.

It seems as though that all round, the players and manager, felt that we could simply turn up today and pick up three easy points.

Today was a wake-up call that nothing ever worth having comes easy.

But back to the result, a 2-0 loss which now leaves us only two points ahead of our rivals.

We have given them hope, we have given them belief that this league is not over.

Of course, it never was over, but I think in the minds of the Rangers players, after our start to the season and their recent terrible performances and results, including the 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Celtic, that they probably believed that we are just far too strong this season and that we won’t be stopped.

A lot of their fans believed it too.

Not anymore.

We’ve shown that we can slip up. That we can take our eye off the ball. We’ve shown we can be outfought be lesser teams that want it more than we do.

This result will give them the motivation they needed to turn their season around when it looked to be going down the pan at a rapid rate of knots.

We have no one to blame for this but ourselves, and we must make sure we return from the international break and kill these teams off in devastating fashion like we have been doing previously.

No more being outfought and outworked. It isn’t acceptable. Ange will not stand for it and neither will the Celtic supporters.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    It’s very rare that a team who’s been on a lengthy run like ours finally loses their run to a team who has beaten them because of tactics or better players. It’s more often than not because like us today, made mistakes to let others in. We just had a bad day. I’m happy to lose 1 game every 12 months.

    It is quite nasty of us though to tease the huns and having them thinking that they’ve actually got a chance🤣. But hey ho, we’ve been teasing and laughing at them for the best part of their 10 year existence🥳😝.


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