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Complacent Celtic Outbattled By St Mirren

All credit to St Mirren.

They wanted that more than us today, it’s as simple as that.

They were up for the fight and we weren’t.

It seemed the Celtic players thought that we could just turn up to Love Street this afternoon and pick up an easy three points.

I don’t think Ange making so many changes helped us today, taking out guys like Hatate, O’Riley and CCV took a lot of dynamism and energy out of our starting line up.

I don’t blame Ange for making changes as recent history tells us we can do that domestically and still be successful, but today seems to have proven we need to be more careful about keeping the right balance, especially in the midfield.

We didn’t seem to actually kick into gear until we went 2-0 down, at that point our passing and movement improved and we looked more like ourselves, apart from the poor final ball and final shot, but the damage had already been done and St Mirren did what they needed to do to seal the victory.

I thought for a lot of that match today we looked like eleven individuals, rather than a great team which we have shown to be.

It’s a disappointing result and clearly three points dropped.

It is a reality check for Celtic if we thought we can simply stroll this league. We can’t.

The three points that Clancy guaranteed our rivals yesterday now looks to be more significant that it should have been, because it has cut the gap to two points and we have allowed it to remain that way.

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