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“Ridiculous!” – Celtic Fans Not Happy With Major Decision For St Mirren Game

It was a poor performance and result all round for Celtic this afternoon, after manager Ange Postecoglou admitted he got his team selection wrong as Celtic were outworked and outfought in a 2-0 defeat to St Mirren in Paisley.

But straight away, there was one thing really bugging Celtic supporters and myself incuded.

The decision to wear our grey third strip with black shorts against St Mirren’s black and white shirt with black shorts caused a real clash of kits, which made it hard to separate both sets of players apart from one anothrer.

There was a few wayward passes that probably resulted from the clash of kits, and it may be a factor in why we were nowhere near our best today in terms of passing and moving the ball at speed, as players probably took longer than usual to make sure they were playing a pass to their own teammate, rather than an opposition player!

It’s not an excuse for losing, St Mirren had the exact same problem to deal with and they pulled out the victory and deservedly so, but the decision to go with our third strip only caused problems that should not be there, especially at this level, even if the players were not impacted, the paying public watching in the ground and at home were, and that is unacceptable.

Why on earth we didn’t have the common sense to wear the hoops I don’t know.

And I’m not sure entirely who the blame lies with, Sky could maybe have had a say, but ultimately I think it’s down to the club and the match day referee to ensure amateur mistakes like this don’t happen.

Check out what Celtic supporters thought of the ridiculous decision below.

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