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Another Celtic Obsessed Ex Gers Star Can’t Stop Embarrassing Himself

It seems Kenny Miller is struggling to find topics to write about for his Daily Record column, as this is about the third time now that he has come out with the same nonsense statement.

He is yet again trying to tell us all that Rangers’ goal shy winger Ryan Kent, who has been non-existent all season so far, is just as good as Jota, and better than Celtic wingers Abada, Forrest and Maeda.

He admits that Kent doesn’t score the goals that Abada, Forrest and Maeda do, but frames his argument to get round that important fact by saying that Kent is ‘more talented’ and has ‘better technique’ than those three Celtic wingers, and ‘on a par with Jota in terms of ability’.

Yet, if you asked Kenny to explain what exactly he means by having ‘more talent’ and ‘better technique’, he couldn’t tell you.

More talented in terms of what?

Certainly not in terms of his football brain and scoring goal that’s for sure. More talented at blasting the ball into the stands, I’ll give him that!

Kent has better technique? Can you give us some examples Kenny? No, of course you can’t.

His shooting technique? If it was rugby he was playing he’d score a lot of three pointers I’m sure, but unfortunately he’s a football player, and the aim is to hit the ball into the goals and not over the bar.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Kent is one of the worst strikers of the ball in this league. His ‘technique’ is absolutely atrocious.

You rarely ever see him put wonderful crosses into the box or play beautiful passes.

James Forrest is in most people’s view past it as a Celtic player, but in terms of technique, he is still far better than Kent in terms of all these aspects I’ve just mentioned.

Listen Kenny, I’m not really sure why you are so desperate that Rangers keep hold of a totally average player instead of looking to move him on and attempt to bring in someone better, it doesn’t really make sense to me, but get some new material please instead of bringing Celtic players into every poor argument you make about Kent, or at least take two seconds and describe to us what you actually mean by your empty statements.

If you are so convinced that Kent is truly better than the likes of Abada, then it shouldn’t be hard for you to actually explain it.

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