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Celtic Supporting Sky Reporter Hits Nail On The Head Over SFA Minute Of Applause Decision

Scotland take on Ukraine at Hampden Park tonight in their UEFA Nations League Group match.

And just yesterday, the SFA confirmed that there will be a minute’s applause to pay respect to The Queen who passed away nearly two weeks ago now, and who’s state funeral on Monday ended the 10 days of official mourning in Britain.

Listen, I get the decision to hold a minute’s applause in terms of their thinking behind it, they obviously believe it is the right thing to do in order to show respect and this is the first time the Scottish national team will have been able to do it in this way.

But the Scotland support is a mixture of all different beliefs and a lot of them will not support the minute’s applause because they do not like the Royal Family and they do not feel they should be forced into a show of respect for someone they feel did not respect them.

We all saw the videos from Dundee Utd, Hibs, and many other clubs up and down the country who chose to disrupt the minute’s silence or applause over the weekend and of course Celtic and our fans got the most backlash with the media behaving like rapid dogs, frothing at the mouth to condemn the club and the Celtic support.

The SFA is setting up the Scotland national team and Scotland supporters up for condemnation.

The English press especially will be watching and listening like a hawk.

If they really want the Scotland national team to pay respect, even after the official mourning period, them have the players wear black armbands if they wish to do so.

The SFA are setting the country up for a fall here.

Sky Sports man Anthony Joseph called it spot on in his tweet yesterday about this.

Check out the tweet below.

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