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Kilmarnock Release Statement After Lafferty’s Sectarian Abuse Of Celtic Fan Goes Viral

As I wrote about last night, ex Rangers and current Kilmarnock player Kyle Lafferty has been caught on video shouting sectarian/anti Irish racist abuse at a Celtic fan in a clip which has gone viral all over social media.

You can read that article and check out the video of the incident here: Ex Rangers Player Kyle Lafferty Caught On Video Shouting Sectarian Abuse At Celtic Fan – Champions 67

His club Kilmarnock, are aware of the incident and have released the following statement:

“Kilmarnock Football Club are aware of a video circulating online which appears to show a member of our playing staff using language of a sectarian nature.”

“The club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour completely unacceptable. The matter will be investigated by the club.”

That is their statement in full which was posted on their club website around an hour ago.

I said in my article last night that I am absolutely fine with players giving stick back, but if you are a reasonably minded person, you have to draw the line at sectarian/racist abuse.

To see some Celtic fans this morning on Twitter say they have no problem with what he said and think those comments are fair game, is absolutely disgraceful and if you think sectarianism or racism is acceptable as “banter” in any shape or fashion, they you are part of a huge problem, especially in Scotland, and you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

If you personally don’t take offence to a sectarian or racist comment, then fine, but don’t try to make out that other people shouldn’t be upset or offended, or that sectarianism or racism is ok as it’s ‘only banter’.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    It wasn’t discriminatory, it was racism, pure & simple. But don’t expect to hear too much about it in our 1 sided media. Scum the lot of them.


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