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Marvin Bartley Weighs In On Kyle Lafferty’s Sectarian Abuse Towards Celtic Fan

Marvin Bartley is without doubt one of the better pundits we have in Scottish football at the moment.

He always gives an honest assessment, isn’t biased and also explains the tactical side of the game very well as listeners will have heard on Clyde SSB or on Sportscene when he has been on.

Bartley was on tonight’s Clyde SSB Show when a Kilmarnock supporter phoned it, who also spoke very well and talked about his disgust hearing Lafferty’s sectarian/ anti-Irish racist comments and that the player is associated with his club.

Lafferty has been charged by the SFA and could face a minimum 10 match ban if found guilty, which seems to be a certainty considering Kilmarnock have just released a statement saying Lafferty “regrets his actions and acknowledges that he has let down himself, his family, the club and the supporters.”

They have also issued the player a “substantial fine” and it is very clear what was said on the video, so it doesn’t seem like there is any chance he will somehow get away with it.

Speaking on the situation and confirming he was part of the committee that helped bring more stricter punishment for these types of offences, Bartley stated:

“Yeah, and the rules changed and rightly so. It’s 2022.”

“I was quite shocked myself when I saw it was a two game minimum ban before and for me that wasn’t enough.”

“We are trying to stamp this stuff out of football, most definitely, but also out of society.”

“It’s not acceptable.”

“Because someone’s a different colour, a different religion, whatever else, people can view them and say certain things about them – we don’t want that in the game.”

“Scottish football has got so much going for it and this is somewhere we need to go and stamp out, it’s kind of the elephant in the room at this point in time.”

“It’s unacceptable, it really is unacceptable.”

Spot on assessment from Big Marvin and I’m sure every decent human being would agree with him that there is no place in society for this type of behaviour.

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  1. Pan

    I suspect Lafferty does not regret his actions, it is the guilt of being caught. If this had not been caught on camera, I would place a bet that he would have denied it. He is a thoroughly despicable character, both on and off the field of play.

    1. David

      is it not a hate speech matter?.

  2. Nick66

    I listen to CSSB every day it airs, and tonight I was really impressed with Marvin Bartley’s comments, we need more pundits making the same comments more often.

  3. Thomas john Higney

    He is a bad sports man and he should be kicked out of the game for good we have no room in the game for this,Get him out of football ,And say goodbye to this rubbish in our game,

  4. John

    Not defending what Lafferty said by any means. But what provoked it.

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