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What The Hell Has Happened To This Celtic Team?

I don’t think I have every been so angry after getting a win and going back top of the league.

That was appalling today.

Where the hell have our standards gone?

Where is the high tempo? Where is the pressing? Where is our speed of thought? And most of all what the bloody hell has happened to our finishing!?

Three absolute sitters/open goals we missed today. Two from Kyogo and one from Abada at the end.

Jota, McGregor and O’Riley all had great scoring chances in the box and just casually side foot it over the bar or straight at the keeper. Where is the desire to put the ball in the net?

There were very few players out there today with pass marks. I thought Welsh was probably our best player today. Defensively did very well and he was very positive in getting the ball forward and his forward passing was on point.

Hatate was decent, unlucky with his shot that hit the bar and then scored a beauty, but then a horrendous slack pass back to McGregor led to him having to bring the Motherwell player down who was going to be through on goal and got sent off for it.

Why the hell Ange didn’t bring him off 20 mins earlier for Abildgaard I don’t know. We need to get game time into the big Dane and we all know Hatate can’t last a full 90.

Joe Hart was shockingly bad. His head was in the clouds all game.

He should have comfortably caught the shot that led to the corner which then lead to the Motherwell goal where he wasn’t paying attention to Juranovic in front of him when it was clear from his body language he was going to chest it down to him. God knows what he was doing running round the back of him. Zero communication.

And the fake head knock was just embarrassing. He lost the ball, fell over, got back up then ran into the Motherwell player because he wasn’t looking where he was going and left an open goal so went down faking a head knock.

The argument will be that we still created plenty of chances. For me, that’s not a good enough fall back. Celtic creating chances at home to Motherwell should be a given. Missing so many of them and having poor all round play throughout the match isn’t good enough.

We need to compare our standards to the level we have set earlier in the season, and these last two games have fallen far, far below these high standards.

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  1. Peter

    Great column. Finally someone is brave enough to say how poor we’ve been. ORiley still hasn’t scored this season. That’s not acceptable. Mcgregor never scores, that’s not acceptable from a midfield Captain

  2. mhiguel66🍀

    Wow, panic panic panic, players and teams have days like today, we do not have to panic or write in this fashion. We will come good again, when fans see their team flying they think it’ll last forever, unfortunately, they too are human and have less productive days. No need for reactionary panic, although I do get why.

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