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Many Fans Saying The Same Thing About Celtic Goalkeeping Position After Joe Hart’s Motherwell Performance

Celtic picked up all three points after going down to ten men late on against Motherwell on Saturday afternoon, but the overall performance left a lot of fans frustrated.

And it wasn’t just as a team, there were several individual performances and errors from players that left supporters shaking their heads.

One of those performances was from Celtic keeper Joe Hart.

For me, Joe has been an excellent signing, not only in terms of his quality as a goalkeeper, but in his leadership abilities both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

But, again, you have to call it as you see it, and Hart has not been up to standard in these last few matches.

I believe it was the Shakhtar game where he appeared to duck out the way of the ball as they scored which was just totally bizarre, and then again today he made several mistakes.

For me and what I have read online too, most of the blame has to be on him for the Juranovic own goal.

He should have comfortably caught the original shot that he palmed away that led to their corner, and then he wasn’t paying attention to the ball and Juranovic to see that he was chesting it down to him, I think he was already looking ahead to who he was going to throw the ball out to for the counter attack.

And then in the second half he went to catch the ball from a ball into the box, dropped it, got back up, didn’t look where he was going and ran head first into a Motherwell player, leaving an open goal, which made Joe decide to go down and fake a head knock and for the doctor and physio to run on and treat him.

It was all rather embarrassing, and his performance today has a lot of fans suggesting that Ben Siegrist should be given a chance between the sticks.

Take a look at the posts below and let me know in the comments if you agree with the comments or if we should be keeping our faith with Hart.

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  1. Davie

    Joe is brilliant ob one hand then total calamity on the other, time for a change before it starts costing celtic.

  2. Pcelt

    I sait months ago,his form was starting to wain,and got ridiculed for it,he should have been dropped then to show he’s not guaranteed his place.

  3. Tommy McQuillan

    Joe was certainly at fault for the goal yesterday and I’m glad you mentioned him ducking under Mudryk’s shot against Shakhtar as I thought I was the only one who noticed it, that’s not on. On the flipside look at the times he’s saved us and the points too, it’s a difficult one but if Ange gave Siegrist a run in the team I wouldn’t be upset. Benji has a mistake in him too though and if I’d a gun put to my head to choose one of them for me it’d be Joe all day long.

  4. chopsie1963

    This isn,t me being smart after after the fact but even in his prime there was too many mistakes in him. Think about Griffs 2 free kicks at Hampden 1st one maybe you can understand but to let the second one in was criminal we need to give Siegrist a run as the last thing we need at the moment is a goalie who hasnt got the confidence of his defenders.

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