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“Spot The Difference” Video Highlights Different Standard Celtic Are Refereed To Compared To ‘Rangers’

As we all saw yesterday, referee John Beaton seemed extremely eager to show Celtic captain Callum McGregor a red card for his professional foul on the Motherwell striker as he was heading towards goal.

This is despite the fact fellow Celtic teammate Stephen Welsh was back covering and would most likely have been able to make a challenge on the Motherwell striker should McGregor not have pulled his man down.

So, in reality, it wasn’t a ‘clear and obvious goal scoring opportunity’ which it needs to be in order for it to be a red card, but nonetheless Beaton instantly showed CalMac the red card and reduced Celtic down to ten men for the last five minutes of injury time and leaves his suspended for our next league game away to St Johnstone.

Now, compare and contrast a similar situation a couple of weeks back when James Sands committed a professional foul on the Dundee Utd striker to stop him going through on goal.

And I say “similar” because in fact Rangers had no one back to cover Sands, so this was even more of a clear sending off than the McGregor incident!

But instead of sending Sands off, who had already been booked by the way, Don Robertson simple shrugged his shoulders and didn’t even blow for a foul!

It really does need seen to be believed.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Until the Directors of other clubs grow a pair and stand up to the corruption thats in the sfa these referees know that they can do as they please and they will never be questioned regarding decisions made during the games. With VAR coming in to the Scottish game it will show how incompetent Scottish referees are but depending on who is in control of VAR will expect some crazy decisions if its ex referees.

  2. Martin

    I’m sorry, but this is nonsense. Yes, Sands should have been a straight red too, but you’re talking absolute nonsense if you argue CalMac shouldn’t have seen red. Hart’s well out his area, the goal is gaping and Welsh is nowhere near being able to make it. An absolute hospital ball by Reo and CalMac did the only thing he could to prevent the 1st time shot that would’ve levelled the game and lost us 2 points. Beaton was absolutely awful yesterday and Robertson is a clown, but that is one of the clearest reds I’ve seen in years. And it’s one I’d want my captain to take every time in that situation.

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