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Despite Celtic Dig, Ibrox Fans Won’t Be Happy With Dave King’s Latest Comments

Ex Ibrox Chairman Dave King is back in the media today, talking up the Liverpool/’Rangers’ Champions League ties and also reflecting on what happened last season.

After gushing over Kenny Dalglish and the two sides and telling us he’d be comfortable if and when Liverpool beat Rangers as they are his “No.2 team” he first went on to spout the same lie that the Ibrox side “threw away the title” last season.

“Domestically, we cannot afford to have Celtic getting Champions League money for the next three years and we’re not there.” stated King.

“My concern is always the gap between us and Celtic because my priority is still about winning domestic titles.”

“We had a good season last year, but it wasn’t a great season. When we started the season, we should have won the title last year. But we threw that title away.”

No Dave, you didn’t throw it away. Celtic took it from you.

We did that by beating you back to back at Celtic Park and then at Ibrox and going on a 30 plus match unbeaten run in the league.

That’s not you throwing it away, that’s Celtic being utterly ruthless and relentless and taking back what is rightfully ours.

king went on to add:

“I’d much rather have won the league title and not got to the Europa League final. If that situation had been managed differently, we should have won that league title.”

“As long as we keep winning the league titles, it protects our domestic position in Scotland. And that’s my main concern.”

The Ibrox fans will not like that one bit! King finally speaking the truth. There’s a first!

All we heard from them last season was that the league title didn’t matter, it was all about the Europa League and getting to the final was more import than winning the league, even though they lost it.

Of course, this was clearly a defence mechanism to try and cope with the fact the Celtic and Ange Postecoglou took the league title back off them after a terrible start to the season and they all thought it was wrapped up by last September and that Ange was going to be sacked by Christmas at the latest.

They simply weren’t able to deal with what had happened to them and that everything they believed was a lie.

They still haven’t gotten over it to this day.

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  1. attymass1925

    I’d have thought Liverpool were KD’s second team. I think King is over-promoting his old club yet again

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