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“Nothing To See Here” As Both Sky And BBC Refuse To Analyse Celtic Penalty Claim

It’s strange isn’t it?

Celtic were denied a clear stonewall penalty at 2-1 up which if we’d have likely scored, would have put the game to bed against Motherwell on Saturday afternoon.

That would make the ending of the match much less nerve-wracking and Callum McGregor then doesn’t need to take one for the team and get sent off because we’re two goals ahead in the last five minutes.

It was a huge incident in the match and it was very easy to see it was a handball, there were no debates about it.

Yet, John Beaton doesn’t give it and neither does his linesman.

So why would Sky Sports on their ‘Ref Watch’ show, refuse to analyse this?

Rangers won 4-0 and they still took the time to analyse Scott Arfield’s disallowed goal which doesn’t change the game at all, but they refuse to analyse a much more important decision which because it wasn’t given, has arguably lead to further ramifications with our captain getting dismissed because he can’t take the risk of conceding a goal as there is only one in it.

Do you think they would skip over the incident if this was at Ibrox, or of it was in the EPL? No chance.

Sportscene as well, they gave their analysis after the match yet weren’t asked to give their opinion on one of the most controversial moments of the game?

“You’re just paranoid Timmy. Nothing to see here…”

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