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I Am So Glad Celtic and Ange Refuse To Play Like Cowards

The look on the ‘Rangers’ fans faces at the end of that match tells you everything you need to know.

The main aim for them was keeping the margin of defeat as low as possible, rather than actually trying to win the match or at least try for a point.

As the camera panned round their supporters if you’d just tuned in and didn’t know the score you’d think Rangers had pulled off a massive victory.

But no, they were actually satisfied with losing because in their heads at least they kept the score line respectable.

And that’s not just the supporters, that’s their players, the manager and coaching staff.

Setting up with five defenders and two holding midfielder players in Davis and Lundstram tells you everything you need to know about their intentions tonight.

Even at 2-0 down, Van Bronckhorst wasn’t interested in trying to turn things around, all his substitutions were like for like.

Rangers were so poor all game. Long ball from McGregor up the field non stop, even when it wasn’t working, as long as they booted the ball out of their half for a couple of seconds they were happy.

As a Celtic supporter, I’d much rather go to Leipzig tomorrow and get pumped 4-0 being brave and playing attacking football and trying to win the game, rather than play like cowards and come away with a 1-0 loss just to say “och we didn’t do too badly, at least we kept the score line respectable”.

Sure, you could say that Liverpool are much better than Leipzig, at least on paper if not in current form, but then you look at the Real Madid game and how we went at them before we tired and they took over and eventually lost 3-0.

Ange wasn’t satisfied that we played the best team in world football and gave them a good game and didn’t get destroyed 6 or 7-0, He was gutted that we didn’t get something from the game.

That’s the difference in mentality between Postecoglou and Van Bronckhorst.

Like Ange said, if we’re going to go out, he’d rather we go out swinging and I for one wouldn’t not have it any other way.

I’d rather that we went out swinging than stand there covering up simply hoping to go the distance and lose on points and celebrate the fact it wasn’t a knock out loss.

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