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Celtic Need To Get 3 Points On Saturday, But We MUST Play Well Getting Them

It is a very hard as for Celtic to compete at the Champions League Level, when you are used to playing in the Scottish Premiership and then have to step up and play against the best players in the world.

That isn’t a complaint, it’s just a fact.

Talent for talent we simply can’t compete.

So, we need to make up for the gulf in talent, skill and ability with mentality, hard work and confidence.

If we don’t come onto the field with these three keys to victory, we’ve got no chance as we saw last night away to Leipzig.

I got criticised over the weekend for writing an article being angry at the way we played against Motherwell.

Apparently, you aren’t allowed to criticise the performance of the team as long as we get three points. What a load of b*llocks.

People who say that are narrow minded and don’t see the bigger picture.

Yes, I get it, you can’t play well every game throughout a season, there will be times where we lose or don’t play well and hopefully by the end of it, we’ve won more games and played better more often than our rivals as we win the league. That’s how it works.

And those same people, who were b*tching and moaning last night by the way about the performance against Leipzig, even though it wasn’t any worse that at the weekend, don’t take into account that you can’t just look at it as a one-off game.

We haven’t played well in the last few games. Our passing and movement off the ball, our defending, and our chance taking simply hasn’t been good enough. That along with the constant individual mistakes.

This season is unprecedented in that we are playing Champions League games in consecutive weeks, whereas it is a minimum two to three week gap normally between group stage games but they need to be squeezed in due to the World Cup in November.

If we want to progress to the last 16, we need to play well in order to beat these teams. This isn’t the SPFL, we can’t just go through the motions and pick up three points against Leipzig and Shakhtar, it ain’t happening.

And to win these games we MUST go into them with confidence and on form. We must go into them with the right mentality, being positive, being confident with our passing, taking our chances, working hard for one another, pressing, giving teammates options to pass to when they are on the ball, being fully concentrated and not making stupid costly mistakes.

If you want to be narrow minded and look at it as a one-off match, then you’ll be happy as long as Celtic get three points against St Johnstone on Saturday, but for those of us who like to open our eyes and look at the bigger picture, we know that we must play well on Saturday and build up that confidence and momentum and take it into the game against Leipzig on Tuesday.

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