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Jim Goodwin’s Outrageous 8 Match Ban Means The SFA Handing Lafferty A 10 Match Ban Simply Won’t Wash

Aberdeen have released a furious statement tonight after their manager, ex Celtic player Jim Goodwin was handed a massive 8 MATCH BAN for labelling Hibs player Ryan Porteous a cheat for his involvement that saw on-loan Celtic player Liam Scales be sent off after receiving a second yellow card.

It was only tonight that I have managed to watch back the incident, and I think Jim was out of order labelling Porteous a cheat when it wasn’t a dive, it was a 50/50 tussle inside the box.

When I heard that he was likely to get suspended, I assumed a one or two match ban, but 8 GAMES!? That is crazy to me, and Aberdeen seem shocked as well.

Here is the statement they released on the matter:

After being informed of the decision of the Tribunal in today’s disciplinary hearing against Jim Goodwin, the Club is extremely disappointed at the level of sanction imposed on Jim and are taking it very seriously.

We do not expect to get the written reasons behind the decision until next week, but we will be appealing this decision.  Meanwhile Jim will be banned from the dugout for the Dundee United game.

So if this is the length of ban the SFA are handing out for these kind of incidents, you have to wonder what length of ban they will give Kyle Lafferty for his charge of sectarianism towards a Celtic fan.

The minimum ban for the offence if found guilty, which he will be, is 10 games. He could be banned for more than that, but that is the amount the media seem to think he will get.

But, after the length of ban they have given Jim Goodwin for calling an opposition player a cheat, being banned for an extra two games for a far greater crime, an actual illegal crime by the way, of sectarianism, simply will not wash.

If the SFA give Lafferty the minimum 10 game ban as seems to be expected, it would be a terrible, terrible look for our game in Scotland, considering today’s ban for Jim Goodwin.

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