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“I’m Appalled By What You’re Saying!” – Listen As Keevins Argues With Celtic Fan Live On SSB

It’s not often I take the side of Hugh Keevins, especially in an argument with a Celtic supporter, but this call on Clyde SSB tonight by alleged Celtic fan Mark, the first of the night, was absolutely shocking.

For some reason, Mark felt he had to phone up just to tell us all that Callum McGregor’s injury was “self-inflicted” and was a result of his “bad touch”.

It was coming across as if Mark was happy that he was injured and basically that McGregor got what he deserved due to mis controlling the ball.

Even Hugh was shocked by what he was hearing and Kenny Miller also stepped in to state his disagreement with the tone of the call and what the caller was saying.

This is what I wrote about earlier, for some reason we have supporters who take a disliking to certain players, like some did with Starfelt and lambast them at any given opportunity, almost wishing bad on them or for them to play poorly, simply so they can turn around and say “See, I told you he was rubbish!”.

Yet, give it a few games and Mark will probably be one of the ones saying how much we miss McGregor in the team, that’s just what these kind of ‘supporters’ are like.

Celtic fan Frank, who I’ve heard on a few times recently, came on shortly after and he spoke very well as always, saying it doesn’t matter how Callum got injured, all that matters is that he comes back fighting fit, saying he is a ‘huge loss’ and that he has our full sympathy, and that is exactly how to conduct yourself as a true Celtic supporter.

Take a listen to the call below.

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  1. michael lowe

    I totally agree with Caller, Keevins turned it round to make him sound bad, Also i watched game and i AM 100% Celtic supporter have been for 64 out of my 70 Years and Callumns Injury was down to him trying to amend his mistake,sorry but the caller did not say anything derogitory against Callumn

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