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Surprise Glasgow Derby Fixture Date Confirmed

Celtic now know the date of the next Glasgow derby game against ‘Rangers’ which will take place as usual over the festive period.

Sky Sports announced five separate fixtures that have been reshuffled to be shown live by them after the FIFA World Cup comes to and end and Scottish football kicks off again after a one month layoff, with the first game due to be Rangers against Hibs on the 15th of December.

But the big news is that that it has been confirmed that Celtic will travel to Ibrox on Monday the 2nd of January to take on our city rivals for a 12:30pm kick off, with the game shifting from previously scheduled 3pm kick-off that day.

I may be forgetting, but I can’t remember us ever playing them on a Monday afternoon!

Because the 1st of January falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes a “substitute day” according to the Government website, so it becomes a bank holiday Monday.

This may however cause some issues with Celtic fans hoping to attend the game or watch it live on TV, as some employers might not take this into consideration and will be expecting people to work like they do on a normal bank holiday Monday.

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  1. lions67

    Didn’t we play them on a Monday night in 1979 when 10 men won the league?

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