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That’s Why We’re Champions!

I thoroughly enjoyed that today from Celtic.

Not just the result, which was magnificent to come back and win right at the death, but for me, that was the performance that we have been needing.

Despite what I’ve been accused of in recent times, being ‘entitled’ and expecting us to win by 4 or 5 goals every game, which is absolutely not the case and something I’ve never said or even implied, I look at the bigger picture and how we are playing and how hard we are working, not just at the score line at the end of the game.

That was the same score line as against Motherwell last weekend, but the performance was night and day.

Our movement both on and off the ball was so much better. Our passing overall was much, much better. We worked harder, we were more positive, we were more creative, taking more risks, it would have been a travesty if we dropped points here this afternoon.

We had the ball in the back of the net on two occasions that were given offside, one of them was probably level.

James Forrest was clean through on goal when he was given offside when he was a yard and a half on.

St Johnstone handle it on the edge of the area and nothing is given and then after a shaky few minutes, they get what looks to be a late equaliser to secure a point.

But as Ange Postecoglou says, WE NEVER STOP!

Terrific play from McCarthy, who for the second game in a row has come on and done really well, to get the ball and play it to Bernabei, who despite being tired, had bolted up the pitch and play a fantastic ball into the box for Giakoumakis to slot home for a winner in the last 20 seconds of injury time.

Whatever happens at Ibrox today, we stay stop by at least 2 points, which is huge, but is also means we go into the Leipzig game on Tuesday on a high and with confidence, and as I wrote a couple of days ago, that is exactly what we needed to do here.

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  1. chopsie1963

    Agree with all of your analysis although the manager is right to say we are being too wasteful that should be a comfortable victory instead we got an uncomfortable one. And eventually it will cost us. Even though the Huns are pish we keep on giving them hope and they will keep on going until that hope is extinguished.

  2. Dave

    McCarthy deserves game time over Mooy who lost his man for the goal. I’d start McCarthy and Abdilgaard on Tue, try something different Ange

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