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“At Least We’re Creating Chances” Simply Doesn’t Wash Anymore

I was sick of hearing in the build up to this match against RB Leipzig in the Champions League tonight that “Celtic are creating chances, we just need to take them”, and Ange saying he’d be a lot more worried if this side wasn’t creating chances rather than not taking them.

Well what the bloody hell does it matter that we are creating chances if we don’t take them?

I don’t care if Celtic create a million chances, I care that we put them away.

Plain and simple.

“If we keep creating chance’s we’ll eventually start scoring them” is along the lines of what Ange said in his press conference yesterday.

Well, not at this level, because we simply aren’t good enough to put them away.

Guys that we should be able to rely on, our strikers like Kyogo and Giakoumakis, they just don’t look like they can score at this level.

Part of being good enough for this level is being able to keep your composure. That is a skill, and it is something we just don’t have at this level.

And it’s not just in terms of finishing, our final ball at times is woeful. That cross from Maeda that he sent in about five minutes too early summed us up.

It’s time to stop thinking “if only we took our chances” and start realising that we simply aren’t good enough to take them at this level.

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  1. Pcelt

    I’ve said for months,we are a good spl team but never mind champions league we aren’t even a europa league quality team,our tactics are also too predictable and unsustainable for 90minutes as our players run out of steam after 60 odd minutes against quality European teams,we need a plan B for Europe.

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