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One Big Positive That Celtic Fans All Seem To Agree On From Last Night

After looking at the reaction on social media to Celtic’s 2-0 defeat at the hands of RB Leipzig last night, one of the most shocking things is just how differently supporters are seeing the game and seeing individual performances compared to each other.

I can’t remember so many different players in the same game be praised by 50% of the fan base on their individual performance but then be absolutely slaughtered by the other 50%.

For example, Someone posted a comment on Twitter saying that Greg Taylor was “phenomenal” last night with thousands of likes, yet pretty much every comment disagreed with that take, calling him “terrible”, “rotten” and his defending “embarrassing”.

The truth is, all of these comments are probably an overreaction and the truth lies somewhere in the middle, he did things well and others things he did poorly. He had a mixed game like most others.

Maeda is another one getting similar hyperbolic responses, but even players like O’Riley, Juranovic and Hatate too.

But from what I’ve read there was one real positive from the game last night that Celtic supports seem to agree on, and that was the defensive partnership of Cameron Carter-Vickers and Moritz Jenz.

And I definitely agree with that myself, I thought they were both fantastic. Jenz in the first half was particularly good and put in some outstanding blocks and tackles.

He just looks like totally different player next to CCV, he looks so much more confident and assured.

And it is fantastic to have CCV back in the team. He is such a calming influence at the back and is obviously a great leader, hence why Ange has made him captain in McGregor’s absence.

Check out the reaction the partnership last night received on Twitter below.

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