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Video: Celtic Fan Mocks McCoist’s Post Match Sob Story

A cheeky Celtic fan has shown up just how embarrassing Ally McCoist’s post match sob story was tonight after he watched his side BATTERED 7-1 by England’s tenth best team, Liverpool.

It was the usual boring story from McCoist about “look how far we’ve come” and going on about “playing Peterhead 10 years ago.”

Yes, exactly Ally, TEN BLOODY YEARS AGO!!!

It wasn’t like it was two or three years ago, it was a DECADE AGO!

Your club has since spent absolute fortunes in order to get back to this level, you were in the Europa League Final just last year and won the league the year previous to that, just how long are you going to act like it was just yesterday you were in the third division of Scottish football?

The story isn’t where you were a decade ago, the story is why are Europa League finalists getting utterly destroyed 7-1 in the Champions League group stages?

That’s the story.

Check out the funny video below of Sally’s sob story.

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  1. Michael mcaulay Conway

    Call crinkle cut sue barker she still thinks your funny

  2. Davie

    Someone told Ally it was his round right after he put all his money into the original Rangers.

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