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When Will The Media In This Country Stop Making Up Lies About Celtic’s “Valuation” Of Our Players?

I really am getting sick of this now.

During the transfer window the Scottish media was reporting on the Juranovic rumours after he was linked with moves to clubs such as Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid.

I didn’t have a problem with them writing about the rumours, that’s part of their job.

But what I did have a problem with was that they all started reporting that Celtic would sell Juranovic if a £15m offer came in for him.

At the time, it sounded very low and as if they had randomly plucked that number out of thin air. Well, it turns out that’s exactly what they did, as Juranovic’s own agent came out in the press to rubbish the £15m valuation, stating Celtic do not want to sell Juranovic “unless a really big offer comes along”, which, a hint for the media, is not £15m these days.

But then it was the turn of Liel Abada, again being linked with an exit and the reports from “Celtic insiders” claiming that, in their eyes, Abada “could eventually develop into a £15m player”.

What an absolutely laughable and clear lie that is. First of all, these people inside Celtic will not talk to the media about these types of things, and secondly, there is no way in hell they said he could “eventually become a £15m player” when clearly, given his age and outrageous stats already since joining Celtic, he is already worth far more than £15m.

So to suggest that is the absolute maximum Celtic could eventually get for him is truly insane.

But the latest report of “Celtic’s valuation of their player” really is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Glasgow Live lead with the headline yesterday that “Celtic put valuation on Rocco Vata as high price set amid Manchester City following ‘closely’.”

The Sun has also reported the same story, but adding in clubs such as Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus and Roma are all interest in signing the player.

And what is this “high price” I hear you ask? £1.75m.

I mean, what can you even say to such ridiculous bullsh*t lies? How the hell do these outlets believe that this kind of nonsense will be taken seriously? Does one single reader, apart from deranged Ibrox fans, believe that Celtic would speak to the media to drum up interest in a player, with such massive clubs apparently interested in him, and then set the bar at selling for absolute chump change?

I think it’s time Celtic spoke out against these lies, firstly because that’s what they clearly are, lies, and secondly, it seems like there is a concerted effort amongst the Scottish media to try and de-value some of our club’s best assets by reporting our players are valued at such ridiculously low prices.

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  1. UlyssesGunt

    I personally gave up “ stories “ from Glasgow Live along with all the other SMMSM ( Scottish Masonic ….)
    Also , if you do have any influence or contact with Celtic News Now , can you please have a word in his ( her ) ear , regarding him ( her ) publishing Glasgow Live on the site , amongst other clearly Sevco related stories , just for clicks and increase his ability to consume copious amounts soup!
    Sometimes it looks nothing like a Celtic webpage with the amount of
    h uncrap on there .

  2. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    It’s time Celtic stopped speaking to these media clowns all together as the crap they come out with on a daily basis is all bs, they could start with telling the media that the O.. F… no longer exists as they all had the story on their front pages back in 2012 that rangers FC are in the process of liquidation and a new club set up to play at ibrokes yet they try to tell whatever idiots buy their papers that they’re the same club, you can’t believe a single word they print.

  3. Owen

    I agree valuation of players is becoming a joke just check transfer market.
    Tavenier £9m
    Kent £15.75m
    Morelos £11.70m
    Total. £36.45m

    Hart £1.53m
    Ralston £1.8m
    Carter vickers £6.3m
    Jenz £2.25m
    Taylor £2.25m
    Hatate £2.25m
    Oreilly £2.07m
    Mooy £4.5m
    Haskabanovic £4.95m
    Forrest £4.5m
    Giakonakis £3.6m
    Total £36m
    They keep on saying that Rangers are the most valuable team in Scotland well they must be if 3 players can buy a Celtic team

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