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Yet Another Opposition Players Outlines Plan To Cheat Against Celtic, It’s About Time The SFA Acted

Hearts full back Alex Cochrane came out in the media yesterday and insisted that his side will “have to take bookings against Celtic” to have any chance of getting something from the game against us.

What he means is cheat and foul and hopefully injure a few of our players in the process.

And just a couple of months ago, Kilmarnock midfielder Rory McKenzie came out before his side played Celtic and insisted one of his side’s keys to victory was to “make fouls” against us.

Now, that is just two examples I am aware of that have appeared in the last couple of months, there may well be more than that.

So, two opposition players come out in the days before playing Celtic and admitting they will intentionally break the rules of the games, i.e. cheat, by intentionally fouling our players and gladly taking bookings in order to stop us.

It’s about time the SFA acted on these threats, because that is essentially what they are.

Let’s put it into context, Jim Goodwin has just received an 8 match ban for calling an opposition player a cheat, but then we have cases like this where opposition players have literally stated they plan to cheat in order to stop Celtic, yet that is apparently completely fine?

I don’t think that’s right.

I think the SFA and the SPFL need to start paying more attention to these type of comments and start to take action.

It is a terrible look for our game when we have players like these two coming out and making these types of neddish comments, especially just before the biggest club in the country come to play their sides live on Sky Sports.

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  1. Joseph Sinclair

    Nothing new, if it isn’t opposing players it’s the SFA themselves giving Celtic ties to referees whom are Rangers season ticket holders. This internal bigotry needs to be stamped out also! HH🍀 C.O.Y.B.I.G

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