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VAR Dream Team Fail To Stop Celtic As Hoops Win 4-3 Thriller!

For the neutral fan, that game must have been epic to watch.

A seven goal thriller and VAR involved in just about everything.

Both teams put in a hell of a performance, but even with the help from the VAR dream team of Nick Walsh and Steven McLean, Ange Postecoglou’s men simply would not be denied.

In my opinion, the first penalty that Hearts got was not a penalty. It was 50/50.

I can understand people saying it was, but what is laughable is the claims from supporters on both sides saying that it was a ‘stonewaller’.

Do they know what that word means? It means that it’s a clear penalty that can’t be disputed.

Cleary, if you have to watch the incident in slow motion several times before finally deciding to give the penalty, it very obviously isn’t a ‘stonewaller’, is it?

And as I said. it’s 50/50 because the Hearts player is going in straight legged, studs up into CCV’s foot. So both players clearly foul each other at practically the same time, with the Hearts challenge arguably worse because as I said it’s studs up with a straight leg flying into CCV.

However, there was a stonewall penalty that wasn’t given in the game, when the Hearts defender stretched out his arm and whacked the ball against the turf in order to stop James Forrest’s cross.

It was bad enough that Walsh didn’t give the clear penalty, but it was absolutely CRIMINAL that Steven McLean did not say it was a penalty after looking at the incident again through VAR.

What makes the victory even sweeter is Celtic refused to be beaten today, even being up against a 13 man Hearts team.

It was a real champions performance.

Ange Postecoglou’s men showed once again, WE NEVER STOP!

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    Spot on in your assessment. Fk’m. 3 points and still top of the league.


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