You are currently viewing “Incompetent!”, “Outrageous!” – Listen To Live Clyde SSB Commentary As Celtic Denied Clear Penalty

“Incompetent!”, “Outrageous!” – Listen To Live Clyde SSB Commentary As Celtic Denied Clear Penalty

I have been listening back to the Clyde Superscoreboard live match coverage from yesterday afternoon to see what they made of the decisions in the match between Celtic and Hearts at Tynecastle.

As I wrote about earlier, even the most bigoted Ibrox fans, the posters on the FollowFollow forum, were even in agreement that Celtic were cheated out of a clear penalty yesterday by the most obvious handball you will ever see.

I tweeted after the match that Michael Jordan would be proud of that steal from Michael Smith as he whacked away the ball with his left arm from James Forrest’s cross into the box, and even Hugh Keevins in the studio yesterday admitting the incident “was like basketball!”.

The Clyde SSB panel did not hold back one bit, and the reaction and comments from all of them were spot on.

That’s because they truly were in disbelief about what they were watching.

Keevins even stated just before referee Nick Walsh went to check the monitor that “If he doesn’t award the penalty here, I’m going home!”

He then even commented on Ange Postecoglou’s reaction saying, “that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Ange Postecoglou react in that fashion. He is bewildered, he’s disgusted.”

That tells you everything you need to know, because Ange does not typically show much emotion on the touchline, even with the usual bad decisions Celtic are on the end of, so it shows how bad that one was yesterday.

Have a listen to the commentary around the incident below.

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  1. Alan Gallacher

    Why did sportscenes then say he got it all right 2 disalowed goals and a penalty refused

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