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Robbie Neilson Playing The Victim To VAR After Celtic Defeat Is Laughable

Every decision yesterday that had to be checked by VAR yesterday went in Hearts favour.

Yes, after the game yesterday, Robbie Neilson was still complaining about it.


Because it took too long to come to what in his mind was the correct decision.

Well, I’m sorry Robbie, you can have absolutely no complaints from the officiating or use of VAR yesterday, because however long it took, whether it was a couple of minutes more than you would have liked the decision to take, ultimately for you, the correct decision was made and your team got the benefit of that.

Your side also got the benefit of Celtic having a perfectly good goal chopped off for absolutely no reason, which I believe would have put Celtic 2-0 up.

Your side yet again benefitted from the fact your player clearly handballed it inside the box and yet the referee, nor the VAR official who watched it back on replay and clearly saw it was a handball, still refused to award Celtic a penalty.

If the referee and the VAR official did their job, it is probably going to be 3-1 to Celtic by half time, rather than 1-1, which allowed you to eventually take a 2-1 lead in the game.

VAR has literally done this man’s team two massive favours yesterday, yet he still finds a way to someone play the victim and feel hard done by.

Is there a bigger man-child in Scottish football than Robbie Neilson?

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  1. Mickybhoy71

    The biggest man child who combs his hair after dipping it in pot of grease

  2. Andrew Lamb

    An absolute tosser who’s team a a reflection of him . Gutless, moaning fannies.

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