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“So VAR So Good”, “That Was A Pen Haha” – Even FF Know Celtic Were Cheated Yesterday

You know things are bad when even the most delusional, bigoted Ibrox fans go onto their cesspit of a forum and admit that Celtic have been cheated by the referees.

I don’t think I have ever, ever seen them admit that.

That just sums up how bad that decision was yesterday not to award Celtic a penalty for the clearest handball you will ever see watching football.

I said in my piece yesterday, it was bad enough that Nick Walsh never gave the penalty originally, but it was absolutely CRIMINAL that fellow Premiership referee Steven McLean never gave it after watching it back in the VAR studio on replay.

There were so many incidents yesterday that I actually forgot that Celtic also had a goal wrongly chopped off as Anthony Ralston powered in a header.

VAR checked the replays which we could all see at home to show that there was no offside and there was no foul.

What people are saying is the Steven McLean backed up whatever decision Nick Walsh made, we can only assume an imaginary foul somewhere as it definitely wasn’t offside, because Walsh had already blown the whistle a second before Ralston bulleted in the header, something referee’s have been told NOT TO DO, in order to let the phase of play complete and then they can look at VAR.

Because if he didn’t blow his whistle, there was clearly no foul and no offside, so Celtic would have been awarded the goal.

The higher ups at Celtic, for whatever reason, most likely cowardice and laziness, don’t say a peep when these ridiculous decisions go against us.

However, now we have VAR, now the referee in the studio clearly saw the handball and still refused to award Celtic the rightful penalty, it would be an utter disgrace if our Chairman or Chief Executive do not write to the SFA and demand an explanation, because that decision yesterday was totally egregious.

The reaction on FollowFollow below tells you everything you need to know.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    The huns AVE nothing to worry about with VAR as the mason in black sitting in the VAR studio will always give them the decisions as yesterday showed that referee Munro was giving Boyes a yellow until the VAR operator told him to look again and produce a red card. We know Celtic will do sod all about the blatant cheating from the referees as they’re utterly gutless when it comes to standing up for our club they’re happy to fill their pockets every year for doing nothing to help our club we need people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the corruption that’s going on by the SFA in Scottish football.

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