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Hartson: There Is NO EVIDENCE To Show Abada Was Offside!

Celtic legend John Hartson has weighed in on the controversial VAR decisions that have been the talk of Celtic’s 4-3 victory over Hearts at Tynecastle on Saturday.

Hartson was speaking on GO Radio, and was asked to give his thoughts on the incidents and the big Welshman came with receipts!

“Abada goes through in the second half, apparently, they chalked it off because he was offside.”

“There is NO EVIDENCE to show he was offside.”

“Why doesn’t the line come up?”

“The line came up in the first half with the Shankland penalty, that was right. He was very close but he was just onside.”

“The line proves it. The line is brilliant Paul because it’s black or white.”

“Even today, there is no evidence.”

Barry Ferguson alongside him agreed, stating that there is “no consistency”.

And big John also had his on Anthony Ralston’s goal that was also disallowed for seemingly no reason.

“Even Ralston’s header. It’s a great header, the ball comes in from wide, Nick Walsh blows his whistle when the ball is arriving in the opposite penalty area, and he blows his whistle for a foul apparently.”

“Giakoumakis – it’s not a foul, he’s trying to get out the way.”

“Why not let that just play and let VAR make the decision if it’s a foul or not?”

“If he had let it go, then Ralston’s goal would have stood!”

If only the Celtic board were as vocal as our ex Legend’s like Big John.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    When it comes to standing up to the corrupt sfa celtics directors appear to be gutless cowards last year Ian ( 5 way agreement) Bankier said he was watching these referees and all it took was a meeting at mcdermid Park to appease him and into this season the referees have been screwing celtic from the first game and the people running celtic won’t do anything time for them to go.

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